Fresh to the male model scene, Craig knows he can make it onto them covers.

Craig Male Model \ Portfolio

Craig gets in some door jams

Yet again, Craig shows he can make them rugged good looks shine anywhere, anytime…

Craig gets around town and that

Craig’s pretty busy trying to get onto them covers, but it didn’t stop him fitting in a spot of site-seeing. He was looking pretty damn hot that day too!

Craig gets a sweet new flano. Stoked!

Craig loves his flano’s!! This is a slick new blue one he’s picked up in Europe. Pretty schmick ay?

Craig gets to ride a bike. Misses the moto but

When he’s not trying to get himself on covers, Craig’s tearin’ up the paddock on his moto, so he was pretty stoked when he came across this abandoned bike in someone’s garage. It’s not moto, but it’s the closest Craig can get over in Europe.

Craig gets on the blind proper!

Look out ladies! Here comes Craig!! He’s the life of the party and he sure knows how to give it to himself, but somehow, he still manages to look ultra sharp all the time..

Craig gets out in the wilderness

He’s a country boy and never shies away from a bit of outdoor fun. And doesn’t the light just dance across his bare body!! Pure man.