Fresh to the male model scene, Craig knows he can make it onto them covers.

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About Craig, male model

Craig was born to be a male model. Now he must find a way onto them covers!

As a boy growing up in country Australia, Craig was forever idolising them guys on the cover of GQ and the like and he just wanted to get on there himself. An when he wasn’t riding his moto around the back paddock, he was in front of the mirror perfecting those looks.

Now, Craig has come all the way to Europe with his photographer, Shano, to follow his dreams. But he’s not like all the others; he’s not doing this for money or fame – he’s just doing this from the heart; because he knows deep down he was meant for this. Male modeling is Craig’s passion and there’s no way he won’t succeed. If he’s not on them covers already, he will be very shortly…

Contact Craig

If you’re interested in hiring Craig, or if you want to ask him a few questions, feel free to drop him an email at craigmalemodel at As you know, he’s pretty busy at the moment trying to break into the modeling scene, but he’ll do his best to get back to you.

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